The Revitalization of Staten Island

New York City’s “forgotten borough” is no longer that. Staten Island is fast on the rise, with an astonishing number of new developments, from sleek tech companies to cultural centers to waterfront amusement parks

via Mike Dunphy/ NewYork.Com

5-fantasy-shores_650When Dutch explorers arrived in New York harbor and spotted land, the old joke goes that they asked “s dat en island?” thereby bestowing the name on Staten Island. Probably even less funny is the question from many visitors today: “s dat New Jersey?” Indeed, New York City’s “forgotten borough” accepts short shrift daily, especially in tourism, with few visitors embarking on anything more than a round-trip ride on the famous free ferry. But, things are changing on Staten Island — in a big way. New tech companies are moving in, taking advantage of one of the best broadband infrastructures in the nation — and inspiring headlines like this one: “Can Staten Island become… Silicon Island?” Also, retailers are setting up shop on the island, snapping up the least expensive commercial space in all five boroughs. Plus, the island is also starting to draw tourists seeking an alternative to the usual selfies in Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. But there’s no need to wait for rotations on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel before launching your own expedition here. Staten Island is rapidly evolving month by month, as you’ll see from our timeline below. Visit now, for the chance to see an island in flux.

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