Adorable Emu Chicks Hatched at Staten Island Zoo!

via  Nicholas Rizzi, DNAinfo

A pair of adorable emus have Staten Island Zoo visitors in a flap.

The chicks were hatched on April 9 and 10 to adult emus Darla and Mr. Manushin, the website  Gothamist reported.

The zoo posted a picture of the siblings enjoying a sunny spring day on its Facebook page to celebrate Earth Day. One chick has already been named Lynne, but the zoo has held off naming the second until they can determine the sex of the chick, the Gothamist said.

When fully grown, emus can reach up to 6-and-a-half feet and are the largest native bird from Australia, the zoo said. They trail behind the ostrich as the largest bird in the world by height.

Their eggs, which have a $20 price tag at farmers markets, are bright emerald green and are the size of a dozen chicken eggs.




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